Child Support Attorney in Fountain Valley

When you are young you may dream of having children of your own one day. It may be the biggest dream you have, to have a family. You find someone you who you decide to have a child with, or sometimes the child comes unexpectedly. Now you have to take care of that child. Living in Fountain Valley is expensive as it is, but trying to raise a child has added expenses. Then something happens, you and the other parent of your child break up. Now it is just you, and your one income taking care of this child, and taking care of yourself. It can seem impossible. You might have to decide between rent and groceries some weeks. This should not be the case. When two people have a child, both parents are responsible for the child.


That is why child support has come about. Child support is a legal mandate that both parents be financially responsible of the child. Now a Fountain Valley child support attorney knows that every situation is different. There is no set amount of child support that is asked of everyone. It depends on your situation, how much the two of you make and what is needed for the child. You should give Zwierzchowski & Nguyen a Fountain Valley family law firm a call, if you are thinking you need a child support agreement. They will want what is best for your child.