The Scammahorn Law Firm, PC For Your Payroll Tax Issues

A notice from the Internal Revenue Service comes in the mail. Your business owes payroll tax, a lot of it. All of a sudden you discover you that you had miscalculated payroll taxes, so your property might be seized, you may face bank and payroll levies, IRS audits… You need help from a payroll tax attorney Tyler!


Payroll taxes are really complicated. Many Tyler business owners think they understand enough of the tax laws to do all the work themselves. Suddenly, a current or former employee has problems with their tax returns, bringing focus upon your company. You accidentally employed a person who was using a stolen Social Security number. Perhaps you missed payroll tax submission deadlines, simply because of a misunderstanding of due dates around holidays. Maybe a tax-due notice accidentally flops from a messy desk into the trash basket. There can be many reasons why the IRS may put pressure on you.


When the IRS comes to you, it is time for you to come to them. They attorneys of The Scammahorn Law Firm, PC. a tax law firm in Tyler, do legal tax representation before the IRS, keeping you safe and minimizing your worries. Call them, and after some review of your payroll tax problems, they will represent you, minimizing your financial liability by negotiating a reasonable settlement.