Sexual Harassment for a Law Firm in Anaheim.

Gone are the days when the smoke chugs, squeezes, veils the sexual allusion – misogyny in America’s working world. Eldessouky Law is an employment law firm located in Anaheim, California.  Women constantly endure sexual harassment in the work environment.

For a long time, sexual harassment was basically recognized as the expense of women who had the audacity to work outside the home. At that time, only men seemed to be interested in doing so in order to retain that kind of control over women. With the sexual uprising in the 1960s and 1970s, things began to change.


They changed gradually, no doubt. But what has changed so much is that we noticed sexual harassment as improper behavior. It was not to the point when a lady was overwhelmed enough to sue her manager, who had used strategies to keep her in her place, that ladies took care of the nation and concluded that they too had had enough.