Grandparents Rights Attorney Based in Chicago

Access rights on grandparents rights law firm in Chicago as per Katz & Stefani, LLC. The law specifically provides that parents can not, without serious reason, interfere with children's personal relationships with their grandparents . If it is difficult or impossible for grandparents to see their grandchildren because of their parents' refusal, they can apply to the Quebec Superior Court to obtain access rights. The access rights allow an adult who does not have custody of a child to have contact with the child. Hire a Chicago grandparent's rights attorney.



Grandparents can ask the judge that contacts are as frequent as before the conflict . In making his decision, the judge will always consider the interests of the grandchildren first and foremost , and not the interests of the grandparents or the parents. It will also take into account the purpose of the grandparents' request. According to the law, the goal should be to allow grandchildren to know their grandparents and develop emotional bonds with them . In the interest of the children, the judge may decide to limit the contacts of the grandparents with their grandchildren. In this case, these contacts may be limited, for example, to: Denying access to grandchildren for a serious reason The judge may decide to prohibit contact between grandparents and grandchildren if the parents show that the decision is justified by a serious reason. Katz & Stefani, LLC are a family law firm located in Chicago.