Child Custody in Largo

The Law Firm for Family Law family law firm in Largo., specializes in the issues of parental authority, right of custody, access, and accommodation. More than a technician, the specialist lawyer must have the necessary experience to listen and advise his client, in order to best defend his interests. The presence of a specialized lawyer at your side is essential to ensure the respect of your rights. You can count on our specialized lawyers to represent you in these sometimes difficult moments. A family law firm in Largo can help with your child custody case.

Often referred to as “custody”, parental authority covers three realities: Residence and the right of access and accommodation Contribution to maintenance and education Its study is necessary in case of separation of parents and concerns, with the exception of the contribution, only minor children. Its regulation is automatic and compulsory in the context of a divorce, it results from the initiative of one or the parents in the other cases. The magistrate who is called upon to rule must first and foremost safeguard the interests of the children and take into consideration, in particular, the points of agreement between the parents and the existing practice. The regulation is valid only in the absence of a better agreement.

It is essentially about participating in decisions about children and the right to information about them. By default, the exercise is joint. In essence, simple decisions can be made by each parent alone, with important decisions to be made in common When a parent opposes decisions that are useful to children illegitimately, the judge may decide to unilaterally exercise parental authority. In this case, the titular parent alone makes the decisions but remains bound to inform the other. In the most serious cases, a parent may be deprived of parental authority. It is important to hire a child custody lawyer Largo

The right of access and accommodation belongs to the one who does not have the principal residence. It is a right, but not a duty, because the person who benefits does not have to exercise it. He can not, however, except with the consent of the parent who has the residence, to take the children outside the periods which are allotted to him.

For the most part, the contribution is due by the parent who does not have the primary residence of the children. It does not stop with the majority and must, in principle, be paid until the first regularly paid job. To determine its amount, one can refer to case law (previously issued and published decisions) and the reference table. However, the rule is that each parent contributes to the actual cost of the children in proportion to their available resources. It is always possible to return to this logic. The cost of children will be appreciated differently depending on the parents’ standard of living and past practice. The available resources take into account the charges of the parents unless they appear artificial or exaggerated. In any case, do not hesitate to call on a Largo lawyer specializing in family law from our firm who will answer all your questions.

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