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Parental Rights Law Firm

As a parent, you have specific rights under the law. Unfortunately, most parents have no idea what these rights are or how to protect their rights until they're sent scrambling to learn more about them. Some of the most common rights family law attorneys are asked to protect include:

The right to the physical custody of your child or visitation and regular contact with your child if you're separated from your partner and that's the parent your child lives with

The right to legal custody of your child, meaning if your child resides with you and you're separated from their other parent, you have the right to make the major decisions about your child including health, education, and religious upbringing


When you need a law firm in Los Angeles to protect your parental rights, make sure you contact Lavinsky Law Firm. With our years of experience, you can rest assured that we can truly help you.

Same Sex Prenuptial Agreement

Same sex prenuptial agreement also known as prenups are legal common procedures undertaken before marriage.Same sex prenups establishes the financial and property rights of each single spouse in the case of divorce hence it determines who will get what in the event of a marriage breaking down.Some couples think such agreements will undermine their relationship but that is not the case since a properly drafted agreement will protect both parties and avoid future disagreements between the couples hence it is advisable to have a prenuptial agreement.

Same sex prenuptial agreement is used in the protection of the couple's assets that are subject to marital property law and are in most cases used to find out how the property is passed on in the event of death or protect an individual from bearing the burden of debt left by the other.The documents are also used to simplify matters when it comes to the division of property and protect one party's assets or make clear the couples financial responsibilities in the event of a divorce.

Signing the same sex prenuptial agreement documents is not an easy task to the couples since doing this comes with its pros and cons in a relationship even though there are chances that a marriage may end up at some point hence its necessity.The advantages that come along with the signing of the documents are:it protects the couple's business and assets, avoids debt burden to one party, reduces asset conflict in the event of a divorce and creates an official recognition of the parties financial agreements.The disadvantages that come along with this agreement are:it leads to trust issues in the relationship, certain aspects of the same sex prenuptial agreement may be subject to the state law and other non financial matters such as duties may fail to be addressed in the agreement.

The validity of same sex prenuptial agreement is considered when both parties sign a written agreement when both are in good state of mind as well as provide relevant and honest information and both must read the terms and conditions of the agreement.Failure to follow the correct terms and conditions, the same sex prenuptial agreement will be considered null and void due to its non compliance with the law.


Law Office of Landon C. Villavaso are a highly skilled famliy law firm in Irivine, CA. They are able to handle most cases that you could have. 


The Law Offices Of Keith Bregoff

In accident occasions, you need a lawyer in car accident related issues whom can discuss the things that you can file against the negligent person. The Law Offices Of Keith Bregoff personal injury lawyers in Vero Beach, are the perfect firm to tap for this kind of services. Although they cannot undo the damage that as already occurred and the pain brought by such accident, they will surely help you get the right compensation which you deserve and at the appropriate time.


Being a victim of a car accident due to someone's carelessness on the road can carry a larger burden on your part, this is because your health and quality of life are greatly affected.


The Law Offices Of Keith Bregoff besides handling your case, they will offer you expert advice to help you cope with the current condition since it usually stressful moments


This lawyer will gather detailed information concerning the accused party to ensure that they have evidence to win the case and their client is compensated.

The Best Of Brain Injury And Personal Injury Lawyers In Pasadena

The brain injury lawyer is often a requirement with the cases of the traumatic injuries of the brain followed to your relative, loved ones or partner. The accidents led to these brain injuries often change the life profoundly of the victim and the related people.

Among the varied professionals brain injury lawyer in Pasadena seems to be the best providing the best notch of services in these varied concepts of accidents. One of the most important concepts of these professionals is that they provide the successful negotiations related to the financial settlements being the longest outcomes for the victim undergoing the brain injury as well as the people related to the victims.

Now the question arises as, where to get this brain injury lawyer? And the answer is Binder & Associates. It is ideal to engage the lawyer who has specialised in this particular field and have the successful history of settlements. You can make a complete list of the local lawyers who are available at your surroundings and can be an expert help in your condition for settlement. You can stick to the internet to have the best of the knowledge about the list you might seek for.

Pasadena personal injury lawyer provides the best legal representation for the people who claimed to have some psychological or physical injury due to the wrong-doing or negligence of some other individual, government agency, entity or company. Thus, one must understand the requirement of these lawyers as they have the different knowledge and expertise related to the field of personal injury. The personal injury lawyers in Pasadena ensures that you have the perfect notch of settlement for the injuries done due to civil wrongs along with the damages counted under economic and non-economic grounds. They also ensure the perfect settlement for the person’s reputation, rights and property.

The brain injury attorneys especially care about the injuries which are usually provided with some health care department including the doctors or nurses. You can claim the settlement for the injury done by them under the effective assistance of these Binder & Associates attorneys for the brain injuries.

Avail Justice in Acquiring Wages to Your Work with Wage and Hour Claims Attorney of Los Angeles

The desire to seek justice often puts us in even more troubles than we already are in. That is considered as one of the prime reasons as for why people avoid even claiming for their rights.Choosing the several legal procedures to fight against the injustice done in paying you wages can prove out to be a brilliant step.

Why opt for lawyers to seek justice?

People often wonder if it’s all about finding the truth, then why not claim it alone instead of going to any lawyer. Well, for fighting against huge and established authorities, you need to have proper knowledge about your rights. And it is quite obvious that these procedures might not be known to you. In that case, you need someone, from whom you can seek help. The best way to escape from all these complications is hiring a reliable law service or lawyers, on which you can readily rely for resolving issues.

How to hire law services or lawyers:

Realizing the fact that you are in need of a lawyer is followed by the need of finding an efficient Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP law firm. There is several Lawyers and Attorney in Los Angeles. But to get your case resolved, you need to make your pick sensibly.

-First of all, make a check of the area of specialization possessed by you chosen lawyer.

-Enquire about his experience in the particular field and also if he has handled any similar case before in his career or not.

-Clean Out the fee-related issues on the very first meeting. Also, make confirm how often you need to pay. Some lawyers charge weekly, some monthly while few prefer it after completion of work. Enquire about these matters on the very first day and don’t keep any doubts. Contact wage and hour attorneys in Los Angeles at Broslavky & Weinman, LLP for your case evaluation.

Getting The Most Suitable Business Lawyer

In case you get yourself engaged in a legal case, obtain a reliable lawyer who can handle the legal matters with superb finesse. An expert attorney will execute the procedure correctly. The lawyers are specialized in numerous areas to meet the requirements of the clients. These days, you can find a tremendous need for the business lawyers. Whether you are establishing big or small business firm, it is essential to manage the legal concerns for efficient formation. The lawyers can keep you far away from the many legal obstacles that may come in your way.

It is very crucial that you hire a business lawyer who could provide the proper advice. The lawyer should be skilled and competent to manage the complex legal scenarios. Westlake Village Business attorneys can perform a superb job and make the formation of company attorneys westlake village understand how to get around the legal issues of establishing a big or small business. This is vital to enhance the business successes. Attorneys are very well experienced with the corporate laws to comprehend the complexity of the law expertly.

Law Firms make sure that the clients receive the right remedies for their legal requirements. The lawyers work dedicatedly to take care of all the legal paperwork. The legal paperwork is carried out and presented to legal counsel in the shortest period. It is essential to be well ready with legal paperwork for good information of the business. Business lawyers from Van Etten Sipprelle LLP aids in drafting business plans and planning financing specifications. In a corporate world, assistance from lawyers will always be essential. A lawyer can eradicate all of the hassles throughout the start-up of your business.

Right after the formation of business, it is crucial to run the business correctly.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Any time one considers filing for bankruptcy, there might be many factors to bear in mind – how it might affect your future, your household and your present everyday life. Out of differing kinds of bankruptcy proceedings, Chapter 13 can be suitable to the people who would prefer to have most of their daily routines unchanged. What is Chapter 13, and how could it aid you to reduce your debt? Here is a brief overview to help you decide if Chapter 13 is best for your needs.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a way to pay off the money you owe over time, at smaller or no interest levels. It functions as a reorganization of your money owed, building a program that enables you to use imminent funds to pay back collectors. For this reason, Chapter 13 applies to people with regular employment, who are going to be able to repay their overdue obligations during a span of five years. In the meantime, you will get to hold on to your belongings; this is often suitable for families with children, who typically may be adversely impaired by their father or mother’s debts.

For the period of Chapter 13, a written plan determines the amounts of money that are to be paid during a course of time, and when they’ll be paid. This routine of installments must start during a month’s time to six weeks of the bankruptcy proceeding being awarded by the court. Chapter 13 may be pursued without the need of the permission of debt collectors, who are prohibited by your court from working to collect the debt.Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys in Tucson at ERIC OLLASON ATTORNEY AT LAW LLC are here to help you.

Truck Accident

After an accident a series of incidents take place. Once preliminary medical treatments are done and you are left to recover, people will be paying you visit. The visitors are not all your family and friends. The insurance agents will be visiting you for many reasons along with the defendant’s lawyers.

Understand that the lawsuit for compensation will be between you and the insurance company. It is the insurance company who will be paying for the medical treatments and other costs that you have sustained because of the collision. Therefore, be careful about the insurance agents who will be visiting you after your accident.

When dealing with a truck accident lawyer, you’re going to have to make sure that you can describe the people involved in the accident. These can be occupants of the truck, other drivers on the road, or even pedestrians who may be near the site of the accident. There is a lot of potential for damage or injury, so it is important to understand all the details.

The other thing that you have to be very specific about when explaining the situation to a truck accident lawyer is the environmental conditions that were present when the accident occurred. Was it snowing, raining, or particularly windy? All of these things have caused accidents in the past. For more insights and legal procedures don’t hesitate to contact Triebsch & Frampton, APC, a personal injury legal firm in Central Valley for specialized service

So now you understand a little bit more of what a truck accident lawyers looking for before the case began. If you or someone that you know is involved in a truck accident case, make sure that you get the best lawyer that you can, in order that everyone gets what they deserve.

How To Find An Experienced, Qualified Auto Accident Attorney

Been wrongfully injured, either psychologically or physically in an auto accident? Would hiring an auto accident attorney benefit you? Do you need legal assistance from Chris J. Roy Jr. APLC a professional personal injury law firm in Alexandria, who is trained to investigate, evaluate and present your case to the applicable insurance companies? If you answered yes to these questions you need to find a highly qualified, professional and reliable auto accident attorney.

Attorneys who list that they specialize in auto accidents in their ads will most likely be listed under personal injury attorneys because of the various types of cases that they handle. Before making a final decision about which attorney to contact do some comprehensive research because not all personal injury attorneys have the experience needed to deal with all aspects involved in auto accident injuries.

There are several factors to consider when choosing an attorney in Chris J. Roy Jr. APLC . First, generate a list of recommended attorneys from family, friends, & colleagues who have had claims similar to yours. Determine what factors are important to you.

In addition, make sure this attorney is familiar with the particular laws which can help your case and increase your chances of receiving proper compensation for your injuries and damages. Has this particular attorney been successful at recovering damages for cases they represented? Have the cases they were involved in been settled out of court and do they have the needed courtroom experience to win if your case goes to trial?

Copyright Law Rhode Island

Anyone who has had their work stolen knows how frustrating, and often downright infuriating, it is when someone illegally uses their copyrighted work. With the prevalence of the internet in today’s society, unfortunately, copyright infringement has become a very real problem for many writers, artists, and other creators.

According to U.S. law, copyright is legally established the moment a work is created. You, as the author of the work, are automatically the legal holder of the copyright when you create a piece of work, granted that the work is eligible for protection. Those works protected by copyright include literary, musical, dramatic, choreographic, sculptural, graphic, pictorial, audio visual and architectural works. Also covered by U.S. laws are pantomimes, motion pictures, and sound recordings.

However, you will not hold legal copyright if you have entered into a work-for-hire agreement to transfer all rights of a work you created to another individual or business. In such an instance, you will surrender all of your rights to the work, provided there is a written agreement signed by you or your legal representative agreeing to transfer copyright.

Even though you legally hold copyright when you create a specific work, you should still seriously consider officially registering your work with the U.S Copyright Office for several very important reasons:

1. Copyrighting your work gives you the legal ability to file a lawsuit against anyone who has infringed upon that copyright. You cannot take legal action against another until your work, provided it originates from the United States, has been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

2. Should you have to take someone, who has infringed upon your copyright, to court, you can also sue for statutory damages and attorney’s fees if you meet one condition: You must have registered your work with the U.S. Copyright Office within three months of having published the work or you must have registered the copyright before the copyright theft or infringement occurred.

If you have not met either of those conditions, you can still take legal action, provided you register your work. However, you will only be eligible to receive actual damages should you win your suit.

3. When you register your work with the U.S. copyright office, the copyright becomes a part of public record.

4. After you’ve registered a copyright, you’ll receive a certification of registration in hard copy form, making it easy to provide physical proof that you hold legal copyright to your work.

5. In addition to being protected against copyright theft and infringement in the United States, registering a copyright also provides you with protection in certain countries that have adopted a copyright agreement with the United States.

For full protection against copyright infringement and copyright theft, you must register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office, contrary to what some believe. Do not fall prey to the notion that a so-called “Poor Man’s Copyright” – mailing a copy of your work to yourself then leaving the envelope unsealed – will protect you should your work be stolen or infringed upon.

According to the U.S. Copyright Office, “There is no provision in the copyright law regarding any such type of protection, and it is not a substitute for registration.” Should you register your work before it has been published, you will not again have to register it once it has been published.Even if you do not register your work, you are entitled to use the Copyright sign or Copyright symbol to provide notice to the public that you are aware of your rights in your work.

Adler Pollock Sheehan P.C is a copyright law firm, specializing in intellectual property matters and on-line protection. Go to his web site to learn more about US copyright law or contact a copyright infringement lawyer directly for a free consultation, as well as the particular problems presented by on-line infringement.

Adler Pollock Sheehan P.C is a highly experianced copyright law firm located in New Port, Rhode Island and are avaliable to help you in your case.