Bicycle Accident Attorney Located in Portland

Follow them to efficiently collect the necessary information.  Because you may need a Portland bicycle accident attorney.

 Secure the place of the occurrence until the arrival of the services or preparation of the accident documentation. Determine the participants of the event, prepare your personal data and ask for the data of other participants of the incident as well as witnesses. Take the camera (eg the one on the phone) and take the first photographs: a) documents – driving license, registration certificate, insurance policy, personal ID b) place of the event – capture the post-collision arrangement of vehicles. If their location would make it difficult to move, take this photograph first and then move the vehicles to a safe place. The Law Offices of Jon Friedman a Portland-based personal injury law firm has dealt with bicycle accident cases before.


c) take photos of damaged vehicles (bicycle, panniers, backpacks) and body 

 Write a statement * for the insurer of the event's offender, in which you will receive confirmation of the incident and recognition of the perpetrator's fault. After returning home to Portland, observe yourself, and preferably research contracts, and collect the necessary medical records, including expenses for treatment and necessary purchases.