Am I Able To Receive Social Security Benefits?

What Is the Difference Between SSI And SSDI in Nevada? Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) is given to those who have worked and contributed to Social Security taxes long enough and meet their definition of disabled. The credits vary from year to year and also with age.


There is a 5 month waiting period meaning that you don't get paid for the first 5 months after you became disabled. (SSI) is given based on financial need and work history has nothing to do with it. The benefits begin the day you submit your application meaning that if you qualify 5 months later you will receive the amount you are approved times 5. Generally, people who are applying for this qualify for Food Stamps and Medicaid. Your income and where you live determine the amount of your benefits. What Is Considered Disabled According To The Social Security Administration?


The definition of disabled according to the Social Security Administration is as follows: unable to perform various functions such as standing or sitting. You are mentally impaired. You cannot do the work you did prior to your condition. Why Do I Need A Nevada Disability Lawyer? Initially, when most people apply they are denied. The appeals process can be a daunting task. This is where Cannon Disability Law a disability law firm in Nevada can help. A lawyer with experience can help you through to get the compensation that you deserve.