Alimony is a periodic payment paid by one spouse with the ability another who has the need. The facts surrounding the case have to support the periodic payment. The financial payment can be in terms of medical expenses, health insurance among others.

Anton Legal Group, a Tampa based family law firm, provides that there are four main types of alimony. Permanent alimony involves a regular payment that only gets terminated with the death of the payer or marriage of the recipient. There is also the durational alimony that is awarded for a duration not exceeding half the marriage duration.

Partners can also pay rehabilitative alimony that aids in the rehabilitation of one spouse back to their occupations. Finally, there is the Bridge-the-Gap Alimony that aids one spouse to seal the financial gap they experience after divorce. Bridge-the-Gap does not extend beyond two years.

Before deciding on the type of alimony that best suits one’s situation, it is always imperative to seek the advice of a credible alimony lawyer to understand how judges rule in various discretionary areas.