18-wheeler accident

Driving a large commercial 18-wheeler truck requires a range of different capacities compared to what you need to drive a car; a truck driver needs specific training. Trucks are more difficult to maneuver, have larger blind spots and require the use of mirrors that observe traffic differently when they turn and change lanes. Most 18-wheeler accidents are caused by driver errors: they may not have been properly trained to safety regulations or they may not have the skills to handle a large truck. Speed, distraction, driving when you are excessively tired, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are all situations that can lead to accidents attributable to the negligence of drivers. Even circumstances such as excessive load, not exactly safe loading, lack of maintenance, curves with an excessively narrow angle, a blow to sleep and the use of mobile phones can cause 18-wheeler accidents.

The most common types of truck accidents include: > Trucks doubled > Truck overturned > Explosion tire > Vehicle wedged under the truck > Oil Leaks. For legal help in an 18-wheeler accident contact NM Truck Accident Attorneys. in Clayton, New Mexico.

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